Samba Kombi Services Melbourne


Eleanor was found in a car yard in a city called Sorocaba. The sales person that sold us the bus knew the family that had the bus. The family told him that in the 70’s and 80’s this bus was used as a school bus to get the kids to and from school each day for 14 years. It then got bought buy the family to use as a family car. The family then bought a new car and the kombi just sat around for years collecting dust. They decided to sell it at the car yard and we happened to see it and bought it. It was then bought to Sao Paulo via tow truck for the restoration.

The restoration took 5 months and the bus looks incredibly beautiful! It was then shipped from Santos to Melbourne via Shanghai. Eleanor was shipped in the same container as Arthur. Further restoration work was carried out in Melbourne, a brand new Basalt grey and Mesh grey interior was installed and the finishing touches to the bus were completed.

Eleanor’s best feature is her rag-top roof and is perfect for your special event! The rag top folds back and open’s the roof up and is a great feature for photos.

Eleanor’s features include:

  • 23 window Split Screen from Brazil
  • Basalt Grey and Mesh grey interior
  • Safari windows
  • Rag- top roof that folds back and opens the roof right up
  • Original wheels
  • Sound System for you to plug in your iPhone or iPod and listen to all your own tunes
  • Seats 9 including chauffer
  • Brand new 1916cc motor
  • Roof Rack